Soggade Chinni Nayana Telugu Full Movie Download Dvdrip Mp4 HD 3gp

Soggade Chinni Nayana is an Telugu family and lovely film where you can see the family problems and the understanding between the husband and wife. This movie was released on 15 January 2015 in Telugu language all over the world. Soggade Chinni Nayana was directed by Kalyan Krishna and produced by Nagarjuna Akkineni.

Soggade Chinni Nayana Telugu Full Movie Download Dvdrip Mp4 HD 3gp

The story of the movie Soggade Chinni Nayana starts from Ram Mohan and Sita when they are coming back to India from America. Satya feels very excited after seeing son and her daughter in law. The story of the film got excited when Sita tells Satya that they are going to divorce Ram Mohan. After listening this sad news Satya locks herself in the dark room and watches the picture of bangaraju who was her deceased husband.

Soggade Chinni Nayana Telugu Full Movie Download Dvdrip Mp4 HD 3gp

Then she blames her husband for this divorce of son and her daughter in law. Yama (Yamaraj) got the news from somewhere that bangaraju family was in problem and then yama suggested bangaraju to go to Satya and solve all the family problems first. Yama also added to return before the festival Mahashivratri. He meets Satya because she was the only one who can see and hears the bangaraju. He listen the whole problem and he also wants that his son and daughter in law did not divorce.

They made a plan and enters the ramu, through which he can act in front of sita and express his love so that sita thinks that ramu loves her. This would results to ramu and sita getting closer and theri bonding getting stronger.

Bangaraju once noticed that his uncle nassan and his brother killed him so that after killing him they can steal the jewelry from the temple. When nassan brother opened that temple locker then the snake god appeared in front of him who killed him. They take help from suri, who tells ramu that he sees his father was hit by a truck and he was no more. Ramu’ s cousin and his ramu’s grandfather planned to kill suri.

After that Ramu’s cousin informs Rama that they must do Pooja before the Shivratri because Ramu’s family members were the only once who can open the locked doors in the temple. Ramu cousin distributes bands so that they can not hears or see Bangaraju. He also called one person to trap bangaraju. Bangaraju knows that Ramu’s uncle and his cousin are going to kill Ramu but Bangaraju did not do anything because his family members did not see or hear Bangaraju due to bands which his family members wears.

Ramu and his cousin’s takes out the jewelry from the temple. Then his cousin beats ramu so that he can leave the jewelry. Ramu’s wife sita sees this and comes between them to save his husband. In fighting the bands also removes and bangaraju also got freedom. Then they beats his cousins all of them which helps his cousin. Then after all this ramu and sita did not even thinks of divorce.

Movie roles are as – Nagarjuna Akkineni as Bangaraju and Ram Mohan, Ramya Krishna as Satya and Lavanya Tripathi as Seeta, where three of them are seeing in the lead roles.

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