De Taali Gujrati 2016 Full Movie Download HD 3GP MP4

De Taali is an Indian Gujrati movie which was filled with full of comedy in it. Family movie is directed by Sunil Suchak being produced by Sanjay Hipara and Kiren Acharya. Movie was released on 17th June 2016 under the production house banners of Divya Kiren Films and Shivam Movie Maker. Gujrati comedy film receives positive response from the audience and critics. Enjoy De Taali movie in high quality formats of HD, MP4 and 3GP.

De Taali Gujrati 2016 Full Movie Download HD 3GP MP4

de taali

“De Taali” title of the movie in english means “Give Me A Clap”. And usually in India it can be seen easily when two friends or group of friends punches jokes and after this two of them gave HI-Five, which in Indian language means De Taali.

De Taali stars Sanjay Maurya, Vanraj Sisodia and Kiren Acharya in the lead roles while Hemant Jha, Bhargavi Vaidya, Jignesh Modi and Heena Rajput are seen playing important roles. In the pivotal supporting roles, there are Sachin Soni, Yamini Joshi, Shekhar Shukla, Meet Shah, Pranav Mehta, Richa Shah, Parikh and Vahida Raheman.

Written by Kishor Sache and Hari Dave, movie plot covers the story of 2 friends who are always in need of money and so in search of money always. While finding and earning money, both friends learns many lessons of life from society and from the persons they meet.

Music of De Taali is composed by Anvar Shaikh.Movie contains 3 sound track with title Tu Marle Sutta Mere Hum Dum, Saath Phere and De Taali Title song which are sung by Darshil Patel, Hiral Brahmbhatt, Kiran Aacharya, Pruthvi Parikh and Jigar Gadhvi. Lyrics of these songs are penned down by Preet Surti and Hitesh Shobhasan.

Overall audience likes the movie very much. Family entertaining comey movie has all elements in it to attract the audience towards cinema theaters to watch the movie.

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